Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two Totally Horrible Halloween Giveaways

My biographer wanted me to let you know there's these two really horrible giveaways going on this Halloween season.

Yeah for gifts, Halloween, and lots and lots of CANDY!

Okay, so first up there's this place called Goodreads, where I guess people talk about good reads.  Get it?  There's 3 signed copies available. (But you should know it's not MY signature, it's my biographer's—which, I should add, seems selfish to me.  Whatever.)  This one ends October 15th.

Even more horrible is this amazing prize package (which I secretly entered to win myself like ten times.  Yeah, it's that horrible.)

There's like books and something called iTunes and some stickers and I think I even see a few bags of candy there.  But best of all, my face is on everything!  Also, it comes in like this horrible potions box, which is perfect for the amateur Halloween enthusiast in your life.  You can find this one in a place called Word Spelunking, which is very fun to say out loud.  Word Spelunking, Word Spelunking, Word Spelunking.  Oh yeah, this giveaway ends October 20th.

Okay, I've blabbered enough for one day.  Take care!


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