Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guest Posts and Stuff

You might've heard that there's this Eve Hallows Blog Tour going on.  Yeah, so far it's been pretty boring.  My biographer likes to go on about the strangest things.  And, seriously, talking about writing is like talking about flower patterns—BORING!

But that all changes today, because three of my guest post thingies are up.  Yay!

So a brilliant blogger asked me how monsters in Gravesville use Ouija boards to communicate with each other.  You can check out my response—along with some annoying interruptions by my biographer—here: FICTICIOUS MUSINGS

And another blogger, also totally horrible, let me talk about my book covers.  If you've been following along on this blog you probably already know I'm upset about them.  Here, I spill all the juicy details:  READING WITH ABC.  Oh, and bonus—there's like this really horrible review of Book of Shrieks.

Finally, I spill the details on how to survive Gravesville.  Of course, my biographer gets all annoying here, too.  (Oh, and I like the name of this blog.  It reminds me of candy!)  SHORT & SWEET.

Talk to you soon!

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